Date: 15/08/2016

QDOS buys first Mercedes-Benz Citan

High-end brand values and a flexible, highly cost-effective finance plan were the key factors that convinced award-winning telecoms and IT technology solutions specialist QDOS Communications to invest in five fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz vans.

The smart black Citan 111 CDIs are the first vans that QDOS has owned, and are assigned to engineers who support clients nationwide. All Long-bodied models with additional parking sensors, they were supplied and will be maintained by Ipswich Dealer Orwell Truck & Van.

Established in 1993...

QDOS was established in 1993 and provides a wide range of Telecoms, IT, Internet and Mobile solutions to the hotel and hospitality industry. For over 20 years QDOS has worked with many of the world’s leading hotel groups and standalone properties in deploying leading-edge technology to improve guests’ experiences.

The company also provides technology solutions to SME businesses throughout the UK. It operates from London and a UK Operations & Support Centre in Ipswich, and has other offices in the United States and the Netherlands.

Technical Director Paul Deeks explained: “We’d previously been renting our vans. But the Agility finance agreement arranged by Orwell is so keenly priced that we’re paying substantially less for our new Citans than we were for our previous, non-Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

Key to the Agility concept is the agreement of a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) for the vehicle. At the end of the agreement the customer can choose whether to pay off the final lump sum and keep the vehicle, extend the agreement by spreading the balloon payment over a further term, or return it free of any further obligations, apart from an excess mileage charge if the initially agreed limit has been exceeded, and damage charges over and above fair wear and tear.

Growing Business...

Mr Deeks continued: “Our business is growing fast so we decided to review the van operation to make sure we were best placed to meet future needs. We were looking for a product on which we would be proud to see our logo, because these vehicles travel all over the country providing continuous advertising.

“The Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star is a recognised symbol of quality which can only reinforce our own premium brand values. What’s more, the Citans have been well received by our engineers, who appreciate their comfort and style, and are also proving very economical – the lads are definitely making fewer visits to filling stations than they did previously.”

The Citan is the smallest van ever produced by Mercedes-Benz and the 111 CDI variant as specified by QDOS is powered by an advanced 110 hp engine. Panel van versions also come in Compact and Extra-long lengths, while the Citan is also available as a Crew van with second row of seats, and a passenger-carrying Tourer. 

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