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What is Euro 6 & AdBlue?

The European Emissions Standard was introduced in 1993 to reduce air pollution in urban areas by limiting the volume of harmful gases and particulate matter that vehicles can emit. The introduction of new limits was phased, to give manufacturers time to develop new systems and technologies. Phase six – Euro 6 – comes into force in September 2016 and is designed primarily to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides by up to 55%.

At Mercedes-Benz we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and strive to be at the forefront of technology. We were the first manufacturer to offer AdBlue systems in our Sprinter vans in July 2013 – three years ahead of the mandatory deadline – and since then, Vito and Sprinter models have adopted AdBlue well in advance of the legal deadline.

What are the Benefits of AdBlue?

As well as cleaner, less toxic air in urban spaces – with its associated health and environmental benefits – there are likely to be business benefits to using an AdBlue system too.

It’s highly likely that Vehicle Excise Duty on vans will soon be calculated based on emissions, in line with passenger cars, with pre-Euro 6 vehicles paying more more.

City drivers should also note that if London’s new Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is implemented according to the information we have at time of press, from 2020 only Euro 6 or later diesels will be allowed to enter free of charge. Other diesel vehicles will have to pay.

Using AdBlue Safely

  • Make sure your van is parked on level ground when filling up, to avoid overfilling and damaging the exhaust system.
  • Contaminated AdBlue can also damage the exhaust system – never refill the tank with AdBlue that’s been removed from the vehicle, and never add water or any other additives.
  • AdBlue is not a fuel additive – it’s added to the exhaust system once the fuel is burned. Don’t add it to your fuel tank, and never use oil or fuel dispensing equipment to top up your AdBlue.
  • Spilled AdBlue can stain if left to crystallise, and also corrode paintwork over time. Wipe up any spills immediately with water.
  • Only use AdBlue conforming to ISO 22241 standard.

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